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In Memory Of Our Friend, Aaron
1/8/1935 - 12/8/2020*

Aaron has left the building but not left our hearts.  He was a great dj, an awesome reminiscer, and a more importantly a greater friend to those who knew him.  He resigned from broadcasting a short time before he left us.  He worked hard, sometimes up to 6 hours straight behind the microphone. He was kind to everyone without fail. 

Becca, Greg, and Jason will always miss him.


                                                                                                                      -  The Jungle Room Mafia.

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Hi my name is Aaron, most of my life I lived in Tennessee working in the music industry as a singer, a guitar picker, and finally I worked in a few radio stations. I enjoyed working as a DJ and I'm proud to be working at Leading Edge Radio Network.  It's an opportunity for me to go back to work and do something that I love.  I hope that you tune in to mine and my partners show (Becca) and I hope you enjoy the oldies rock and roll that she and I will be playing for you....


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Aaron and I have known each other only a few short months but knew we'd be best friends from the first conversation. We both love music, we love talking about our families and our country's fascinating history- especially musical history! I have been married for 20 years to "Mr. Hollywood" (Aaron's nickname for him haha) and we have 3 super cool kids, two girls and a boy from 19 years old to 9 and they definitely keep us laughing or yelling depending on the moment. I've been a real estate agent for a couple of years and I love to paint, draw, dance AND here's something really interesting-  I can play one song on the guitar, one song on the piano (Heart and Soul anyone?) and I've been a singer my entire life! Hopefully Aaron and I can share a duet or two with you- we take requests as long as we know the song! 


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